LR Classic V10.2 Bug

Sorry for a long one!

With the recent release of LR Classic V10.2 (Windows 10 platform), I thought I’d pass along a bug I found (LR not NLP!) in my processing of rolls of 35mm film. I’m using the DSLR approach, with the EFH. The process I’ve been using for rolls of film (now over 9000 images) is the following:

  1. Import images into LR, usually 10-15 rolls at a time (350 to 550 images)
  2. Select all imported images, proceed with the Develop Module
  3. Set Aspect Ratio to 2x3/4x6 (the EFH aperture frame is a bit larger than 2x3)
  4. Crop the first image (Master image) to just the image
  5. Sync all images
  6. Slightly adjust all images to reflect the position of the image in the EFH aperture, sometimes adjusting the crop to adjust for slight skewing of the image in the EFH
  7. Proceed with NLP

Until V10.2, the Sync copied the 2x3 Aspect Ratio to all selected images and importantly, enabled the Aspect Ratio Lock. This is the expected behavior.

With V10.2, the above sequence now has the Master image with the 2x3 Aspect Ratio and Locked. Unfortunately, all the other images in the selection now have the correct Aspect Ratio, but is in an Unlocked state. This is a pain, because a number of the images need to be re-cropped and I have to take the step of re-locking the aspect ratio.

The bug has been acknowledged by Adobe and been sent to “the team”.

In the meantime, I discovered a work-around. In the process above, in step 2, if you stay in the Library Module, you can use the Quick Develop panel to set the Crop Ratio to (in my case) 2x3/4x6. This has the effect of Auto Syncing all the selected images to that Aspect Ratio. Using this approach, all synced images now have the same Aspect Ratio and are Locked! I can then move to the Develop Module with the image selection. If I then proceed with step 4 (crop Master image) and sync the images, the Aspect Ratio Lock status remains in the Locked state.

Good to know. Thank you for sharing!