Negative Lab Pro v2.4 - Saturation Control, Faster Conversions, More Precise Editing and much more

Hello! Do i have to uninstall version 2.3 before installing this new update?

No, there is no need to uninstall v2.3 prior to running the installer.

Would it be possible to still provide the option to download the plugin as a directory, not as an installer? I would prefer to keep NLP in the same directory as my catalog and all my other plugins—they are all stored on an external drive so I can use it between multiple devices.

Appreciate your continued attention to this great product!

Please don’t obsolete those of us that refuse to go beyond LR6!

Well, I must admit that I am also a bit concerned regarding the last remark of “Thatspec”. Will there be more features within Version 3 not available for LR 6.14?

For NLP-version 2.4.1 I have to say that the new installer works perfectly and is a real benefit compared to the manual installation of the older versions.

As the installation directory of 2.4.1 now is among c:\users\xxx\Appdata.… the old directory which was built manually within c:.… is no longer used so I got rid of it.
Maybe this could be mentioned within the Quick start guide.

Best regards

V3 looks very promising. Hope one day scratch and dust removal for HDR raw scans in Silverfast will be added to the feature list… but one can dream :sweat_smile:

It’s a bit unfortunate that I bought NLP one week before the free update cut-off though…

My pleasure :slight_smile:

Of course! I always keep LR6 users in mind and support features as much as I can!

As Lightroom Classic adds new features, though, it enables me to add new features to Negative Lab Pro. So there are some things that simply aren’t possible with LR6 due to the limitations of LR6 itself.

Awesome, thank you for that feedback! :pray:

Preset Management and Roll Analysis both will work on LR6. :+1: The main thing that won’t work on LR6 is anything that has to do with LUTs, simply because LUTs weren’t added to Lightroom until LrC 9.0.

Yep, that’s fine to do!

Yep, after running the installer, if you want the plugin in a different location, you can do this:

  1. Close Lightroom (important)
  2. Move the plugin folder from the default install location below to a location of your choosing.:
    Windows users → “*C:\Users\xxx\Appdata\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Modules*”
    Mac users → “Hard Drive/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules/”
  3. Open Lightroom. Go to “File > Plugin Manager.” If you don’t see Negative Lab Pro, click "add’ and then navigate to the new folder you’ve placed it in, and add it.

Hmm, if you go to “preferences > presets,” do you have “Store Presets with Catalog” checked or unchecked? If it is checked, try unchecking it, and restarting Lightroom. Let me know if that resolves the issue. If not, please email me at with more details on your system (OS version, LR version) and any other relevant details!

Is this a final v2.x release? In the v2.3 thread you mentioned v3 is coming Black Friday and will have a cost to upgrade.

I’ve been holding off purchasing for a few months waiting for the v3 so I don’t have to pay immediately to upgrade.

Edit: Just saw the FAQ entry now. Thanks for honoring purchases now for v3, makes the decision easy for me

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So I have 2.4.1 installed but in the advanced tab in ‘Engine settings’ it still says v2.3
The new features are there but I just want to be sure I updated correctly.

Hey Chiron – That’s all correct. V2.4 is based on the colour engine of v2.3 so you’ll still see that version number on the Advanced tab.

Ok great! Thanks for the info

Hello Nate.
Thank you for your hard work.
The update is installed and everything works. But a little embarrassing, what is in the picture. That is how it should be? Saturation 5 - skipped?

Hi @Vladimir ,

These aren’t meant to be accessed directly, but rather when you make some changes in Negative Lab Pro, it calls the correct ones automatically. I wish I didn’t have to do it this way (believe me it is a major pain) but there are some gaps in the current Lightroom SDK, so this is the only way I can do it unfortunately. You can just close that whole panel.

Sat 5 is the default. So for instance, “Negative Lab v2.3 - Frontier” is at the default saturation level.

Again, you don’t need to use that panel at all. Negative Lab Pro will do it for you.


Thanks for your reply, Nate.
I have a really atypical workflow…
The program is excellent… I will buy version 3.0 right away!

Hey Nate,

This update sounds freaking awesome! Also, I’m glad to finally see that you’re charging for an update - we all need you to be able to keep going, and I’m happy to pay what it costs to help ensure this tool has a future.

Thanks again,



one short question I wondered about with the new update… why is it now just possible to adjust the saturation of the LUTs and not as before to choose the intensity of the LUTs itself as well? changing the saturation seems for me not having the same effect as adjusting the percentage in the past which I found pretty useful.
thanks a lot


It isn’t feasible currently to have both a “Saturation” and “LUT Intensity” preset. (In theory it should be feasible, but there is a glitch in Adobe’s SDK that is preventing me from doing it).

I opted to include Saturation because (1) it was very highly requested and (2) it is possible to adjust the intensity of the LUT in Lightroom itself now (see the “Amount” slider in Lightroom just above the presets). Just be aware that if you change the amount slider in Lightroom, and then open Negative Lab Pro, it will reset the amount slider back to 100%, which I recognize is annoying, but still possible to work around.


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Really appreciate that, @mike_kukavica! I’ve loved providing free updates for the past four years because I want everyone to benefit from the improvements, but yes, having paid updates will help ensure I can keep building and improving long into the future!


I can almost not see the backdrop of the sliders because the blue strip is too wide and bright. I’d prefer to have no strip at all, the slider handles are all it needs imo.

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I agree @Digitizer - there just isn’t a way for me to change this in Lightroom’s plugin SDK. It was actually crazy complicated to get the slider to overlay on top of the color bar (and in fact, I have not found a way to do this in Windows, so the Windows UI is a little different here).