Ooops, scanned as negatives. Should I start over?

Hi community! New user from Denmark.

I am new to scanning negatives and accidentally scanned my first handfull of rolls as negatives in Silverfast. I am quite satisfied with the end result but just realised that the general recommendation is to scan as positives. Couldn’t get my head around it as the scan files were negatives, so I just converted these to positives in Lightroom via NLP.

So now I am curious:

  1. What is the reason behind scanning the negatives as positives?

  2. Should I start over? Obviously there’s a substantial amount of time saved if I won’t have to start all over.

Many thanks!

  1. If your scans can be converted with NLP, all is well. Scanning negatives as positives simply means, that Silverfast should do the scanning, but not the conversion from negative to positive.
  2. Seems you already did it right, which means that there is no need to start over.

Be sure to check the user guide (again): Film Scanning Best Practices | Negative Lab Pro