Capture One instead of Lightroom

Please, please, please develop a version for Capture One! There are many photographers, particularly film photographers, who choose not to live in the Empire of Adobe.


Nate has addressed this in another thread: Idea: Make Negative Lab Pro for other programs (Capture One, Affinity, Luminar, Affinity, Lightroom 5, etc)

Long story short: Capture One’s SDK doesn’t support enough features for NLP to be ported.

Which is disappointing to me, too. I don’t even really need LR at all: just something to manage tethering to my Sony camera for shooting negs, and NLP to do the conversion.

Yes, my mistake. I had just joined the forum and as soon as I posted my note, I found the message chain that you refer to.
Happily I also discovered that I can use my old Lightroom 6 to host NLP so, less than ideal, but a manageable solution. Unfortunately LR 6 is a 32 bit app so the next and all future Mac OS versions won’t run it. Will need to keep a dedicated machine running existing Mac OS to keep that pipeline available.
A system of kludges that is not ideal but I don’t think there is a working alternative unless Capture One or Affinity open their SDKs.
Anyway thanks for your patient note.

Porting the thing to Photoshop would be the most beneficial for the future. Lightroom Classic means it will become an abandoned old-timer. There will be little to no updates etc … Beside, it sux as a catalogue applications due to missing auto scan for changes …

Photoshop is the only firm rock in photography.

For anyone like me who’d love to have their film scans natively in Capture One instead of Lightroom and has stumbled across this page/post, hoping, praying, that there’s a workaround, here’s what I’ve found so far, and here are your current options as of writing:

TL:DR, For now, you have to suck it up and use NLP and Lightroom. Nate has made something pretty fucking cool - even if you have to use Lightroom to access it. If you need to edit stuff in Capture One, you’ll have to get as close as you can with the NLP inversions in LR, export TIFFS, import into Capture One/Photoshop and do the rest there… Yes, LR sucks for most of us reading this post, but Negative Lab Pro is pretty great compared to your other options, so it is what it is unfortunately, at least for now.

For anyone interested in the why, or your other options:

As Karyudo mentioned above, Capture One’s SDK doesn’t support enough features for NLP to be ported.

Just like their lack of support for digital backs from other medium format providers (Hasselblad etc) to stop the competition from using their software - they probably won’t support NLP, as in a way, it competes with their own specialist software, Capture One Cultural Heritage.

Capture One CH does film inversions natively, keeps everything RAW until you export, and lets you use all the sliders intuitively (basically the holy grail for Capture One users) but of course, it comes at such a steep cost that the vast majority of us can’t afford it:

  • As of writing, the software alone costs £1,778.58 (Teamwork Photo London) - it’s that high as it’s aimed at Museums and Cultural Institutions rather than us folk just trying to get good negative scans. Plus on top of that, you’d have to use their digital backs (Phase One) to take the pictures. No support for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji etc scans in C1CH

Currently, that’s the only way if you want to do it yourself - big pockets. Or, if you’re in Paris, you can have someone like these guys just do it for you, though again, pricy.

If you were willing to at least pay for the software, I’m sure you find a way to convert metadata on the files from whatever camera you’ve got, to IIQ and fool the software into thinking it’s looking at shots from a Phase One back - though again no guarantees.

Your other option would be to manually do the inversions in C1 yourself by inverting and dragging the end points of the levels tool to each end, for each image, manually, and deal with almost every tool being flipped - not exactly the Capture One experience you’re used to…

So yeah, as of July 2020, Negative Lab Pro seems to be your best option, even if you do have to use Lightroom with it. Use it, export a TIFF, and carry on working on it elsewhere if you need to. I wish Capture One would support NLP, but that’s an issue with the SDK on Capture One’s end, not Nate not wanting to do it (as I’m sure he would if he could).

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In a way you can use Capture One, which I do. Yes, you need LR to scan, but I want photoshop so LR comes as an add on to that subscription - if that thinking helps? So, simply scan in LR using NLP and make a TIFF copy in NLP then use this in capture one to do all your corrections etc.

Bit of a fudge if your coming from the Adobe subscription debate, but if you want the great Color handling of C1, it’s easily done.

Darktable 3.2 will have the new ‘negadoctor’ module. Rawtherapee already has a film invert function for Dslr scans (and will have a new one that works on things like tiffs).

Or, you could use darktable/rawtherapee/dcraw to convert your Dslr shots to a linear tiff, just like a dedicated filmscanner would do in positive mode… And then use things like negfix8 (free script) or colorperfect (a non-free photoshop plugin) to do the inversion.

Lots of ways to convert…

Negative lab pro wins it in convenience most of the time for people with a Lightroom library. That’s what you pay for I guess :).

You could also use FilmLab to tiff and then C1. As above - many ways to convert …

I’d like a stand-alone version, no plug ins.

I don’t need bells and whistles or raw converters or post processing abilities. Make it take TIFF, JPEG’s or DNG’s. I just want an easy-to-use converter to turn negs into positives. I do all I need to do in LR5. I will never move up to any subscription model unless the lotto cooperates.

I got LR5…don’t need anything else but a neg to positive converter. I do all post work in LR.


Help us break free from Adobe.



Hey guys new to DSLR scanning but I am a full on C1 user so whilst i did download lightroom and NLP trial and give it a go i also tried using Capture one only. I made an inversed curve and tweaked some things then just saved it as a preset. Works really well and just like NLP needs some tweaking but maybe they could just create profiles like the guys at RNI do. Just a thought.