Capture One instead of Lightroom

Please, please, please develop a version for Capture One! There are many photographers, particularly film photographers, who choose not to live in the Empire of Adobe.

Nate has addressed this in another thread: Idea: Make Negative Lab Pro for other programs (Capture One, Affinity, Luminar, Affinity, Lightroom 5, etc)

Long story short: Capture One’s SDK doesn’t support enough features for NLP to be ported.

Which is disappointing to me, too. I don’t even really need LR at all: just something to manage tethering to my Sony camera for shooting negs, and NLP to do the conversion.

Yes, my mistake. I had just joined the forum and as soon as I posted my note, I found the message chain that you refer to.
Happily I also discovered that I can use my old Lightroom 6 to host NLP so, less than ideal, but a manageable solution. Unfortunately LR 6 is a 32 bit app so the next and all future Mac OS versions won’t run it. Will need to keep a dedicated machine running existing Mac OS to keep that pipeline available.
A system of kludges that is not ideal but I don’t think there is a working alternative unless Capture One or Affinity open their SDKs.
Anyway thanks for your patient note.