Converted image is displayed only in black


I am using NLP V2.2.0 (system infos are below) when I convert an image it goes black in Lightroom (see image “Error”) but the preview looks fine.
When importing to PS I see the image properly converted and not black.
Only in Lightroom it remains black.
I hope someone has a solution or an approach.

Thank you and greetings,



It looks like you are using Lightroom Classic version 9.4. I’d recommend upgrading to the latest version of Lightroom Classic (v10.1) and see if that fixes. There were some issues related to graphics acceleration in earlier version of Lightroom Classic that have since been fixed. I’m going to guess that is what is happening here, because if you look at the preview box at the top left, the preview looks correct, but the main image is wrong, which is a symptom of the graphics acceleration issue.