Disappointing results with Plustek 8200i and NLP (Trial Version)

Hello all, and sorry if this has been asked before. I am new to film photography and received my first Portra 400 film roll from the lab last week. I was quite satisfied with the results although the sharpness was not perfect, so I decided to invest in a scanner, the Plustek 8200i - this way I also have more control over the scanning and editing process. After having read many articles and watched many videos with amazing results I was tempted to buy NLP, but to be on the safe side I first got the Trial version. After I got the scanner I immediately rescanned some of my favorite shots, I followed the instructions given on the NLP website. I put Silverfast to 48bit HDR and saved it as a .dng with 3600dpi, all the other settings and tools were turned off in Silverfast. I opened it in Lightroom, selected the border to white balance the image, cropped the borders, and then converted the color negative (using the Norsitsu profile and the default saturation). To my surprise the way the picture came out was very disappointing, it was very desaturated and lacked contrast, moreover, the brightness was very high, nothing like the results I got from my lab. I pretty much tried all profiles and settings but to no avail, the picture still seemed lifeless and nothing like the pictures you see on Youtube or on Forums. Only with heavy editing do they turn out somewhat acceptable. From my understanding, the purpose of NLP is to fasten the workflow of scanning negatives but with all the heavy editing I had to do it easily took me 20 minutes per picture. I have tried NLP on a variety of pictures and they all looked this way, even with Pre-Saturation set to high. I have included the Google Drive link to my .dng file as well as screenshots of my settings and the way the picture turned out, I have also included another picture that I have converted through NLP and then (heavily so it doesn’t look lifeless) edited and saved as a .jpg to show that all pictures came out this way, even when edited, I have also included the jpg. of the same picture I got back from my lab. I am new to film photography and scanning so if anyone out there can help me I’d be so grateful as I really want to make this work and if this problem is resolved buy the full version of NLP. Thank you!


ps. what’s that brown line running down the middle of the frame of my pictures? light leak? shutter problem?

I’ve checked your DNG file and found that Lightroom is not selecting a profile for it.

I then manually selected a profile and NLP gave me the following conversion:


  • it looks like the Plustek 8200i profile is not recognized
  • Lr does not show the profile either, even though it seems to be installed in the right place

Hi @similoni

Thanks so much for sharing!

In this case, I think the issue is just that the border (or perhaps, it is the inside portion of car or train?) is throwing things off a bit and making the conversion too bright. (Brightness and the perception of saturation are closely linked, so this also makes it appear unsaturated).

Two options:

  1. Lower the brightness considerably
  2. Re-convert, but increase the “border buffer” until only the main scene is showing an not the frame.

Here’s what option #1 looks like:

I would probably warm it up a bit, but this is how it comes out just adjusting the brightness down to -37 and making no other changes…

Here’s what option #2 looks like:

Both need a bit of tweaking, but pretty close.

Hi @Digitizer,

hmm, I did not have this issue… it selected the NLP profile just fine when I opened Negative Lab Pro.


Thank you @nate. I will buy the full version soon!