Epson V850 Effective Resolution

ScanDig said that when I set the resolution of Epson V850 to 4800ppi, the effective resolution is 2300ppi. I’m confused. Does that mean that I can only get 2300ppi if I set it to 4800ppi? Or does it mean that I achieve 100% effective resolution if I set it to 2300ppi?

I’m using a translator, so I’m sorry if the expression is awkward.

Welcome to the forum, your question is perfectly clear, I hope that my reply will be. I think the Scandig site reviews are vary reliable, this is the review you are referring to I think.

Actually I can only read the English translation from the original German which isn’t always entirely clear itself but my impression is that you do have to scan at the 4800ppi resolution to achieve 2300ppi (or 2600ppi if you use Silverfast AI Studio), so unfortunately the scanning time is very slow and the resulting file size is much higher than is necessary. There is no discernible difference in resolution in his tests when scanning at 6400ppi.

This is expressed more clearly in the review of the V700 which he refers back to:

“If one compares the scanning times with those of a real film scanner, then the Epson V700 Photo emerges as a big snail. To use the full resolution of the scanner and receive at least 2400 effective dpi, one must scan with highest resolution - the corresponding scanning times for this are almost unacceptable.”

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This is the review I mentioned. You attached the review of V700 additionally, and it was really helpful. I didn’t know I could refer to the review of V700. According to the context, I have to scan to 4800ppi to get 2300ppi. Anyway, I only have to upgrade my SE PLUS to Ai Studio. I have to get 2600ppi.

Your reply was very helpful. Thank you very much.

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That’s good, for some reason the V700 review is not in the sidebar but I knew I’d read it.

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