Film Scan workflow

Hello guys! Hope you’re good. I have some question i’m quite new to DSLR Scan… I have a Nikon D800 with a 55mm macro lens and a Raleno light. I would like to scan my negatives with the borders included if possible but actually if I scan them without any film holders, the negs are not flat… Does someone have a DIY solution or tips for it please?

Thank you very much!

Sandwich them between 2 glass surfaces. The glass facing to shinny side of the negative might be anti newton type if you get rings.

Thanks mate, does it affect quality image? So if i’m right, the glass that it between the light table and the film should ANR right?

Technically (physically) the shinny side of the film should be facing to ANR. Emulsion side is not smooth enough in my experience to create rings. Ideally there should be some space between light table and the bottom glass. If you overcome the dust issue (which is easy IMO) there should be any quality issue. Back n the day, the enlargers were working with the same setup and people were printing film that way

Thanks so much! do you know where can i get some ANR glass?

I’ve got mine from Knight Optical