Flextight scanner vs. camera scan quality

Sounds like a thermal problem. You could try to open the device and see if there is a lot of dust. Vacuuming carefully, not touching any electronics, might help. Maybe that one of the components gets very hot to the touch… Or simply sell the box for parts and get on with camera scanning.

Ok, I will try to clean the dust.
Thank you again.

[Top] 100% crop. Hasselblad Flextight X1 @ 6,300 spi.
[Bottom] 100% crop. Sony a7R IV, Sony FE 90 mm F2.8 Macro G OSS.

This is my first test, and a quick test.
For at least 35mm slide film, I am amazed that digital camera rival or outperform my Flextight X1 scanner.
I am very satisfied. :laughing:


Wow imprssive!
Espacially as you seem to be a skilled Flextight User, im pretty happy to see what its possible to archive with Cam Scan + NLP.

Curios abou more examples :slight_smile:

That example image is a very old 35mm slide film. I didn’t shoot much with 35mm film.

Anyway, I tested my 4x5 slide films.
When I took two split shots with the a7R IV and stitched them into one, the a7R IV began to outperform the Flextight X1 scanner.
4x5 films require two shots, but I am very happy with the results. :grinning:
The a7R IV will now take the place of the 15-year-old Flextight X1 scanner.

My setup is not yet fully ready. When I’m ready, I’ll test again and upload a test image. :sweat_smile:

p.s. The 16-shot pixel shift function didn’t really help.
p.s.2. Lightroom’s Enhance Details feature helped a little.

Oh interesting to hear, the 16 Shot Pixel shift function does not really help.
Was always curios if this could be a quality boost.

Im staying curios - following the Thread by notification.

Happy Scanning :slight_smile:

In my quick test, the 16-shot pixel shift function did not produce meaningful results. I was also surprised and disappointed. :sleepy:
Today I got a Besseler 45V-XL and Durst M805 BW enlargers for free from a friend.
These enlargers were rarely used and left in the warehouse.
Anyway, I’m going to attach the camera to one of these enlargers.
Then, I will test it seriously. :sweat_smile:

I purchased the Epson Fluid Mount Accessory for camera scanning, and as a trial, I also purchased the 8x10" Tru Vue Museum Picture Frame Glass.
I put a 4x5 slide film on the Kaiser lightbox and covered it with TRU VUE museum glass.
And both 35mm and 4x5 slide film were captured perfectly. It is perfectly flat.
It is a bonus that all the edges of the film come out.

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Cant imagine the time you spend on cleaning up scans with so many surfaces and LF. But yes, keeping LF flat without glass is impossible.

Did you experience any Newton rings?


I use TRU VUE museum glass to scan 4x5 films.
Newton rings may or may not appear on the slide film.
Black and white film is fine.
These days, I am testing ANR glass.

AN glass will help — Every other galss will give you rings sometimes … Normal glass works only when the emulsion side is very matte. But most modern color negatives have both sides very glossy so it is harder …