Anyone with Sony A7 setup?

Hi guys - I recently decided to try DSLR scan (well, technically in my case and in most people’s case nowadays I guess it should be called mirrorless camera scan).

I have a Sony A7III but I don’t have a macro lens. I have a 55mm f1.8 and an old 55-210mm lens I kept from my NEX5 days. I bought a set of 10mm and 16mm extension tubes from Amazon but still struggle to get close enough to the film (either 35mm or 120) to fill the frame/sensor.

What lens do you use with your Sony mirrorless? And if you are given the lenses I have, other than extension tubes are there any other ways to get true “macro” scans?


The lens equation (find it on this page) says, that a thin (model) lens with a FL of 55mm would need an extension of 55mm to get to a 1:1 imaging ratio. Modern lenses might need other extensions, because they are nowhere near to be a “model, thin” lens. It’s best to not stack a lot of thin rings, but one single long tube instead. Your lens manual might say, which extension you need for 1:1 imaging (or whatever you need).

Whether your 55mm lens will deliver good macro images is hard to say. You’d need to be more specific about what the lens is exactly. The full model name could help.

I’d advise to NOT invest in scanning with a zoom lens, but if you want to test with longer extension tubes that you’d need anyway, you can always do it.

Oh it’s the Sonnar T* FE 55mm F1.8 ZA ( SEL55F18Z).

Thanks for that info! Maybe i should try adding a longer extension tube and see if I can get then get close enough.

Has anyone tried the Sigma 50mm EX DG macro lens? Seems to be a very affordable option, just need an adapter for E-mount.

I am capturing negatives with a Sony a7R4, full frame 60MP camera. You can see my full write-up about the detailed considerations and solutions I adopted in my article on (Digitizing Negatives with a Camera – Revisited – PhotoPXL). What’s most important is the design of the lens you use. Ideally it should be a macro lens designed for flat-field copy work (like a high quality enlarger lens for example). Bellows is better than rings because it gives you much greater flexibility for accurate scaling.

I use the a7iii as well and started with extension tubes for my Tamron 24-70. I struggled with consistently of focus, too. I decided to buy a macro lens and picked up a Sigma 70mm macro lens. It works perfectly with my copy stand and Kaiser LED light box.

While the tubes were inexpensive, I just didn’t think they were able to give adequate sharpness. The macro lens wasn’t overly expensive and I can use it away from the scanning job.