Sony Macro lens which?

Hello to all users of the forum, I would like to replace the lens I use with my Sony A7R2, a Nikon 55mm f / 2.8 Micro AI-s also because the MAF is not so perfect, I cannot display a magnification on the live view, so I have to do it exclusively with the “red outline effect” while with a dedicated lens such as the Sony FE 50mm f / 2.8 Macro or the Sony FE 90mm f / 2.8 Macro G OSS I would be able to zoom in while I am framing, since there is there is a lot of difference in price I would like your opinion between the two models, do you have any experiences?
Thank you for your availability

Well I never knew that, it seems like quite an omission, standard on a Fuji so manual lenses work very well there. Not a Sony user but a lot of people recommend the Sigma 70mm & 105mm ART Macros for them.

Sorry, I must have misunderstood your post, it seems you can use ‘magnify’ to check focus with manual lenses on the Sony.

You should be able to use focus magnification with any lens, I have it bound to the bottom button on my scroll wheel on my a7RIV. I use a Laowa 100mm 2x macro, it works great, there is a newer 90mm version that is smaller and native to the FE mount and not just adapted it like my 100mm is or if native glass is something you collect, you can go with the Sony 90mm it’s a fantastic lens for more than just macro.

In fact I checked well and with the C2 button you can zoom up to 12.5x, this is essential, now I will try to scan the negative again and check if the sharpness improves, then I will evaluate whether to buy a macro lens dedicated to the Sony FE, You have experience in this regard on very sharp objectives that can be used for scans with Dsrl ?

Personally I use the same 55mm f2.8 Micro-Nikkor as you but on a 24MP APS-C Fuji. I also use an 80mm Rodagon enlarging lens and they’re pretty much as good as each other in my view but you have 42 Megapixels there and the full frame to cover with your A7R2 so it may be that newer Macro lenses begin to show advantages. You can see flat field results at 1:1 from the Sony 90mm & Sigma 70 ART & Sigma 105 ART on It’s fair to say he was disappointed with the Sony 90mm for this demanding type of work.

Thanks for the advice @Harry, I finally managed to find the setting to view the magnification in the live view in order to focus the negative correctly, I have to click on the C2 button.
Now I’m undecided whether to buy a new generation macro lens, a shop near me has a Sigma 70 ART macro, I’ve read that it’s very good, I’m almost making the leap, hoping to get some improvements.

Glad you found the magnifier option. I suppose the problem with going to the undoubtedly excellent Sigma 70mm f2.8 ART is that there may be some other factor affecting your results that would also affect those from the Sigma, I’ve certainly read on here that the 55mm Micro-Nikkor is still recommended for 42MP on full frame. It’s also possible that the move to AF would be beneficial for you though. Have you thought of getting one of Vlad’s Test Targets so that you can in a way quantify the apparent shortcomings of the Micro-Nikkor?