Recommended lens for Sony APS-C

Hi folks,
I’ve been digitally scanning some old pictures as a personal hobby, thus I’m looking for less than $300 lens maybe a bit more if quality is much more improved. I’ve been using Rodenstock Rodagon enlarger lens mounted in reverse that gives me pretty good scan in combination with the Skier box. However this setup is very difficult to replicate consistently once I removes the camera. Obviously I use the camera for personal photo and video rather than scanning.
Thus I’m looking for an auto or manual focused macro lens that is set and forget, I can remove the lens and come back to it pretty easily and get consistently good scan results.
I’ve read the suggestions here, most are for Sony full frames and I’m reading that there would be issue with magnification if I use, e.g. FE 50 mm F2.8 Macro or Sigma 70mm F2.8 DG Macro, as both of these lenses are very good but they are full frame lenses could cause issues used in A6400 for scanning. Other than these two, what would be the recommended lenses for Sony APS-C? For example Sony E 30 mm F3.5 Macro is hardly mentioned, this is under $300 new, is this macro lens really bad for the purpose of scanning?
There’s exactly one other thread asking this question last year. Also from reading other threads, it seems longer focal is preferred, I guess that’s the reason the Sony 30mm Macro is not on the list.
Thanks beforehand.

I’d not consider the 30mm sony lens due to what I can read here:

The only other macro lens opticallimits tested an a APS-C E-mount Sony is the >300 USD 90mm lens, which seems to be one of the best lenses you can get… You might want to check out one of the manual lenses from China. Check out this site for ideas:

Thank you for your quick response and the link. I’ve checked that out, it sounds like the 7Artisans macro fits my bill. Although I might be increasing my budget, specifically thinking about the Sony FE 50 mm F2.8 Macro since this is a light lens that can double as portrait prime on the A6400. Currently new this is just a little over 500 at BestBuy and used a little over USD 400 on ebay.
Any idea how bad this full frame lens is gonna be fitted into a crop factor camera? If the cropping/magnification is not a problem for DSLR scanning, this is what I might get.

I shoot with a Canon 80D it’s not full frame ether. and use a Tamron 90mm 2.8 macro that is a great lens. I bought it on eBay for $200 It’s sharp, and allows the camera to be a comfortable distance from the neg or slide. It’s auto and manual focus. Not sure if it’s made for Sony but if so I would check it out. The 90 mm works great for portraits. It’s an all around good lens.

I don’t think you need to worry about using an FX lens on a DX camera body. The field of view is reduced i.e, the frame is cropped to mimic what a longer lens would ‘see’ - so your 50mm becomes equivalent to a 100mm. This means only the more highly corrected central area of the lens is used in capturing the image so if anything performance is enhanced. Also you get the benefit of a longer working distance.