Nikon D7000 APS-C Camera Scanning

I have a Nikon D7000 APS-C and I was wondering if anyone has had any good luck with non full-frame cameras? Or is this a total non-starter? thx

Used a Canon EOS M6 for most of my trials. It’s probably a good idea to ETTR to get less noise in bright areas. I also used a full frame 5D which worked nicely too. I think that your gear does not matter much unless it is broken :wink:

There is NO problem using APS bodies. I do this all the time (D7200 and Sony A6000).

For 35mm, you are shooting at 0.67x, many macro lenses perform better at this magnification. I like a legacy macro lens and focus manually with a copy stand.

OK, thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I have a friend who is giving me a vintage 55mm Nikkor Micro in perfect shape.

A quick follow up. The 55mm Micro Nikkor lens with the D7000 gives excellent results.This is a quick scan with minimal processing, no sharpening.