Sony A7R IV + Minolta DiMAGE 5400 Lens

I’m currently re-configuring my setup which was a Nikon D800e + Sigma 70mm DG Macro. Great results, but I plan on getting an A7R IV for bird photography and figured, why not just start using it for film scanning as well? So the D800e is sold and I figure before I buy an e-mount Sigma 70mm macro (that I’m sure I’ll be happy with), I’d go down the scanner lens rabbit hole.

Due to all of the talk on here about scanner lenses being the absolute most best perfectest amazing lenses for this job, I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve read a few of Mr. O’Toole’s articles and have seen lots of great close up photography of things that are not film. Could anyone post their setup and results of actual film scanning with a DiMAGE 5400 lens and a camera?


The Minolta DiMAGE 5400 lens is such a great piece of glass. The quality is superb. BUT it won’t work with the A7R IV as it doesn’t cover full frame sensors. The scanner works be scanning along the side of the smaller side (24mm) of the film.

So unless you don’t want to stitch 35mm scans, you should be looking for another lens to use.

Thank you!

Yeah I’m kind of over stitching :sweat_smile: It isn’t terrible but let’s be honest, these 35mm negatives don’t need that kind of love. How about certain enlarger lenses, then? I have a Nikon PB-4 bellows that I can either keep and pair with something else, or just go with another 70mm Sigma since I know it’s quite the bang for the buck.

You seem to be aware you’re pixel peeping :slight_smile:

I wrote things up in the following threads, mainly recommending the Schneider Kreuznach 120 Marco Symmar (see the second link for the right magnification level) or the Rodenstock Apo-Rodagon D 2X 75mm/4.5, which is the consumer version of the lens inside the Flextight scanners. Both lenses cover digital medium format easily, so can’t go wrong on either of them.

Hope this helps!

I appreciate it! I’m going with the Rodenstock. Just so I’m clear, it uses M39 screw mount, right? Which is great because I have an M39 to F adapter already.

Yes exactly – It has a M39 screw mount!

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Hey, just saw your discussion here.

Do you know a good and cheap lens that can fit on a Sony A7 I ?

I’m figuring which one to get and considering I’m a student rn it’s a bit hard to build a whole scanning set ! So thank you :pray:t2:

When I first started camera scanning I got a used Nikon Micro Nikkor from KEH for pretty cheap, and it’s really sharp. I had to get an extension tube for better magnification.

I used it on a Fuji X Pro 1 with an adapter and had pretty good results considering how flimsy my setup was. Terrible light source, very bad film holder etc.

So I’d do that, look into vintage Nikon macro lenses. Mine is specifically a Nippon Kogaku Micro-NIKKOR Auto 55mm f/3.5 with a Nikon M2 extension tube.

Hope that helps!

I’ve heard of that but I think it’s too much ring for only one lens :sob: I will see if I can find a 60mm macro Nikkei maybe.

I’ve had great results on my A7r3 with sigma 105mm f2.8 1:1 macro DG DN.

I run Sony’s native 50mm Macro @ F8 - really damn happy with that glass! But I also use horisontal setup as I have copy stands…so 50mm is good working distance for me.

Just an update after getting everything setup with the Sony A7R iv, Nikon PB-4 bellows and a Apo-Rodagon D 2X 75mm/4.5 per Chris’ suggestions:

This is straight from NLP using Lab Standard

100% crop

Test scans are looking pretty good. Still playing around with the setup. A few negatives with the bellows:

  1. Having the bellows mounted to the copy stand is allowing for a lot of shake and vibration so I have to be careful when making an exposure. Just slows me down a bit.
  2. Back to manual focus. Kind of a pain :sweat_smile:
  3. You lose quite a bit of light with the bellows. I’m used to getting much, much faster shutter speeds, but this was to be expected. Just pointing it out.
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Hey JW … forgive the late reply here.

I have the same camera as you and was wondering what special adapters I would need to attach the bellows to the camera and the lens to the bellows?


Hey @AMC6131 so sorry, I haven’t checked in here in a while.

For the bellows I used a Sony E to Nikon F mount adapter. The lens is M39 thread mount, so I use an F to M39 for that end of it. That’s really just because this is a Nikon bellows, but there are other types out there. However, I really like the Nikon bellows series. You can get them for a decent price used. Very well built.

Hey JW -

Thanks for the reply!!!

Appreciate the detailed info regarding the adapters and the “negative/downsides” to your setup with the bellows and copystand.

You’re welcome! It’s a never ending battle :sweat_smile: