Fujifilm XT-5 Scanning Tips

Hi I am new to NLP and scanning. I was wondering if you have any best practice and tips with using fuji xt5 and the fuji xf 80 mm macro lens?

which f stop, shutter, exposure compensation? etc… thank you :slight_smile:

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You might find your starters in the user guide. Click on the word GUIDE in the black bar above.

Many people here shoot at lowest possible iso settings, exposing not quite to the right and with apertures of around f/5.6 to f/8. All the rest depends on your backlight…and it’s a good idea to browse through this thread: Let's see your DSLR film scanning setup!

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The lens has OIS and the body has IBIS, both should be off for slide scanning from a rigid support. The body has 160 MP pixel shift as well so you could at least compare that with the standard single shot 40MP, I somehow doubt that it will resolve any extra detail.

Out of curiosity, what are the disadvantages of keeping IBIS and OIS off for scanning?

Unpredictable I’d say, either individually or together. It’s always recommended to not use either if the camera is on a tripod for example so this would be similar. Easy to test anyway.

I know someone who bought an XT-4 after using Canon DSLR, very unhappy with tripod results until he learnt not to use IBIS.

For example:

Thanks, very good points. Definitely easy to test but have never thought to before since my own logic would say that with minimal/no camera movement the IBIS/OIS simply wouldn’t activate. Having not scanned with a camera that doesn’t have this function I’ll definitely be trying with stabilization off.

Yes, that may well be true of some cameras, may even be true of the X-T5, but it seems it’s not true for the X-T4. I don’t recall reading anywhere that IBIS or OIS would help with slide scanning so probably best off anyway. Now the X-T5 makes use of IBIS for pixel-shifting 160MP large files, that’s also worth testing of course.