Getting 'clean' look

I’m a big fan of the look that James Harvey-Kelly gets - a really clean sort of feel. You can see his work here:

When I edit my photos I can’t seem to get them as clean as this, there’s always something about them that looks a but affected. Does anyone manage to get their images looking close to this, and do you have any tips?

I’m using the latest NLP, the Negative Supply holders, digitising with a Sony A7R3 with a Sony 90mm Macro lens.

Looks like Harvey-Kelly’s images were shot on large format film…
There’s no way to get such a clean look from 35mm film or a digital FF shot.

I’m not so sure about it being large format. A lot of his film borders look to be a mixture of 6x7 and 645.

I’d not heard of this photographer but he’s clearly very good and refreshingly there’s not much on the internet about what cameras he uses so he likes to keep it to himself. We can probably take it that most of the film rebates are genuine (some I think are not, especially those surrounding an image with a brand logo super-imposed) but there’s a mix of 5x4, 645 & 6x7 depending I suspect on circumstances. What intrigued me was that some have the aperture and shutter speed super-imposed on the rebate, neat. This is apparently specific to the Pentax & Contax 645 film cameras but I hadn’t seen it before.

As well as the ‘clean’ look you’re also probably referring to the consistency in ‘look’ between scans, something that others have asked regarding NLP and Nate answered in another post.

Here for example:

Thanks Harry, I’ll check out the link.

Yes both the Pentax, the Contax 645 systems and the Mamiya 645 system allows the camera to print the data on the negative - it’s very useful sometimes!

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This one as well, in fact I expect he gets asked this a lot: