Huge issues with DNGs in Vuescan

Hello all

I’m a recent user of NLP and currently working my way through my first roll of colour neg (Agfa Ultra 100). The first half of the roll gave me excellent results after some issues with Vuescan creating very dark DNGs that when converted bore no resemblance to the image I’d taken, in terms of colour and are hugely grainy - they looked like something scanned by the cheapest scanner you can imagine. I’m using a Nikon Coolscan V and the latest version of Vuescan, which has been working fine.

I’ve made sure that I have followed the guide to scanning with Vuescan - images have been taken in professional mode, Media is set to “image”, Bits per pixel is set to “auto”, I’ve locked exposure after cropping and the image format has been sent to RAW and the RAW file time has been set to “48 Bit RGB” and “Raw DNG” format. Half of the roll has scanned perfectly, and then it has reverted back to very dark DNGs and unuseable images.

It’s very odd that without changing any settings, to the best of my knowledge, I’ve gone from having unuseable scans to perfect ones and back to unuseable again. Any help is greatly appreciated - I’ve spent pretty much the entire evening trying to work out what’s happened, to no avail.

I have screen grabs if they would be helpful.




I see you are also using a Coolscan V. Just wondering does your scanner give a hardware error at start up when you use it with NikonScan 4.0.3?

Mine gives an error in NikonScan and colors might be dark or greenish/yellow then, but when i insert the Slide adapter and pull it out again the darkness is gone and its working fine again. I don’t use it with the slide adapter though. Vuescan doesn’t give any errors though but colors are good again after the Slide adapter exchange.