Introducing: Negative Lab Pro v2.0

Thanks @jam - ok, yes the blue channel is just a bit too narrow for NLP to be able to set points. (There is plenty of actual levels in there since it is 16 bit, but my controls in the tone curve pane are only 8-bit). I will update the Tiff Scan Utility to better deal with cases like this!

Hi Nathan,

I’ve been trying the plugin since March and I can say this version made my purchase it. I bought the plugin a few minutes ago and I just wanted to say that it’s an incredible tool. I don’t know how you’ll be able to make it better, but whatever I can do to help you, feel free to ask!

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Thanks so much @pablonavarroB :facepunch: That really makes me happy to hear!

Hi! Version 2.0 is a gamechanger for me. Thank you Nate for your work!. If I may, I want your opinion on a few “wishes”. It is great that we now have the possibility to save our settings/preset as default. `But I think it would be even greater if we had the possibility to store different presets :slight_smile: . That way it would be possible to,store different presets for different films, projects,… And another question:Is there a way to make the “copy to” also sticky? Have a great day!

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Thanks for reply. Anyway, I’m using NLP with big pleasure!

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Any chance for custom curves in the future?
I am really impressed by NLP 2.0 however I don’t like the color that I am getting. I am not getting that “film look” . Everything is super digital, crisp …it lacks that film look. It more looks like an image that I’ve shot with my Sony a7III than on film. I still haven’t finished my scanning setup, but so far I am struggling with getting these nice smooth flat tones. I’ll make some more posts with samples later.