iPad Light Diffusion

I am using my iPad as a light source for DSLR scanning. So far I elevated the film holder some inches above the iPad to counteract for the „pixel grid“.
Today i thought that maybe there is some kind of diffusion glas (or foil) that I could put on the screen that would melt away the pesky pixels.
Anyone any ideas?

What you want is opalized glass or a sheet of frosted plastic. Put it above the iPad (not on it) and the pixels will go away, together with some of the power (because light is more scattered. Make something like a sandwich where layers are 1/4 in apart. Any distance bigger than zero should work, also for dust reduction.


Thanks @Digitizer !!!
Found some opalized glas, light transmission of 28%, costs around 5€ – I’ll give it a try.
Out of interest: What would happen if I put opalized glas directly onto my iPad?

getting closer reduces the diffusion, opalized glass mixes better than frosted glass though.


Nice Info, thanks.
Will try it out.

What effect do diffusers have on the quality of the light? For example, will certain semi-transparent plastics transmit light in different ways? Do these have any effect on color rendition?

Hard to tell because there are many different materials out there. Many of them have different characteristics. The simplest way is to try… Make sure that the diffuser does not introduce a structure of its own. It might be easier to put the light source a few inches away from the negative.