Matching color balance between digital files (TIFF & JPEG)

I posted a similar post some days ago asking about the scan quality of some negatives and thankfully I also got my answers but some replied I should post original prints along with scanned negatives so they can get a better judgement. Here is a short preview…In my digitisation journey, As I earlier told I got some of my old C-41 color negatives scanned at 16-bit and set at the highest resolution with Noritsu lab. For some of the rolls the lab didn’t got the colors right(Having green tint) and told aging as the reason.
Now I am arranging to get my leftover prints scanned and got confused whether I should get those prints scanned whose original negative scan (Scanned recently and years later than original prints) gave wrong color accuracy results. Because in terms of resolution, the TIFFS of scanned negatives are wayy better but in color accuracy the original prints are 100% accurate. Can someone help me ascertain whether it’s possible to easily calibrate TIFF colors to a precise level of original prints? I have very basic knowledge of post-processing and I have no clue.
At bottom is the G-DIVE link. These are five TIFF and JPEGs pairs. JPEGs are original prints shot through a phone camera to give the idea of original colors when the rolls were developed two decades ago. Each pair has the same name except one is starting with TIFF and one is starting with JPEG.

NOTE:- I am having HARDEST time with calibrating colors if TIFF Roll 1 Picture 2 with it’s JPEG counterpart.

I can provide more TIFF and original prints jpeg if anyone wants.
Link:- Negg - Google Drive