Negative Lab Pro v2.3 - Color Fidelity, Tonal Control, Batch Navigation and much more

Just Great! Thank you Nate.

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The info provided in the thread looks great. I am a registered user and requested a download link. I receive a message that an email would be sent with the link. I did that a couple hours ago.
When should I expect to receive the e-mail?

Oh man, I’m in the middle of digitizing 57 rolls of film for someone, batch processing is going to be killer.

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Brilliant Nate, just converted 500 plus negatives I “scanned” using my Olympus EM1 mark 2 that I’ve been saving up until this version was released.

Superb results, and no issues


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What version of Lightroom Classic is v2.3 compatible with? This would be helpful info prior to updating. I am running windows 10, LrC 10.4 as I usually give it a few weeks or sometimes months before installing the latest LrC. Thanks in advance.

Compared to what I had found earlier, NLP 2.3 does not seem to do much when I test scanner types vs pre-saturation (and I’ve not formed an opinion about it):

Other than that, version 2.3 handles my difficult image much better:

It’s still a difficult image, but while i was unable to improve the skin and get rid of the greenish tint without Nik filters or Photoshop, version 2.3 gets much closer without fussing.


Thanks, Nate! Love the new additions, esp. exposure and … well, all of them. Just tried one from a really messed up old Kodak 5247 negative and got a much better (and more usable) result than the one that had just been sitting in that folder for some time. :slight_smile:

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Hi Nate! Thanks again for this wonderful instrument.
I’ve just updated to the last version 2.3.0b and now the plugin doesn’t work anymore. Every time I recall the plugin in Lightroom by pressing ‘ctrl+N’ (or from the Lr menu) nothing happens, only appers the spinng rainbow for about 1-2 seconds. So I’ve deactived, unistalled, and then reinstalled your plugin…nothing to do.
Here LR 11, macOS 12.0.1 on MacBook Pro M1.

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Also tried to reinstall the old LR 10.4. Nope, the plugin window doesn’t appears anymore.

I did some test to find a solution for my issue.
On my old MacBook Pro 13 2013 (with macOS 11.6 and Lr 10.4 on board) I’ve installed the new NLP 2.3.0B and everything works great, no issues. And wonderful result with the new conversion!
So I decided to try to install the new version of Lightroom 11.0 there … Boom! The plugin doesn’t work.

Excellent update. Thank you. The batch navigation is a great addition. Saw some color improvements in some files that looked a little off. Basically all great improvement across the board. I do think though that the option for selecting the JPG and TIFF positive copy should of stayed on the edit tab and then the advanced tab should have the option to define separate save sub-folders between JPG and TIFF.

One last thing was why did the zip file get so much larger compared to v2.2? It looks like the file sizes for the camera profiles increased significantly.

Thanks again for the great update.

Can’t wait to try this! Thanks a lot for your work Nate.
Does this upgrade work with the new Apple Silicone?

Wonderful, Les! :raised_hands: Thank you for letting me know!

This is working with all versions of LrC, including LrC 11.0.

It just depends. The new raw profiles (with better gamut protection) means that adjusting the pre-sat is not as necessary as it would have been in the past to deal with over-saturated (or under-saturated) colors. I also made a change (starting in v2.2) in terms of what the color model impacts pre-conversion vs post-conversion… my goal has always been to give users the flexibility to change emulations after conversion (rather than be tied to the pre-conversion settings), so this (and the LUTs) are a step towards that, and by v3.0 my goal is to have all the emulations available to change after conversion.

Awesome, really great improvement!

Awesome, @DanM, great to hear, thank you so much!

Hmmm… that’s very odd. It should work very well on Lightroom 11. I need to check in on macOS 12… I’m not aware of any issues, but haven’t had a change to test it yet… I’ll PM you with some follow up questions.

Awesome! :raised_hands:

How often do you change between TIFF and JPEG for positive copies? The settings in the advanced tab are “sticky” now, so for instance, if you always wanted it to be a TIFF copy, you would only need to set that once and it would remember in future uses. (btw, the reason I move it was to save vertical space, as some users with smaller screens were having issues with it fitting.

Yes… camera profiles increased in size significantly, as they add very precise instructions on gamut protection.

Yes, so far all reports at that it work great with Apple Silicone. But of course, both Apple and Adobe are in the habit of changing things all the time, so please let me know if you run into any issues!

Can you give us a few hints about when to change pre-saturation and/or scanner type?

…that’s interesting. Having an immediate conversion (or an automated first tab) would be a giant step imo. I suppose that the first tab is used with the same settings by most users anyway.

I would see the “pre-saturation” as being more related to scanning setup and personal preference, and I wouldn’t see it as something you would want to change on each shot… for instance, if in your setup, you generally find that colors in conversions are not vivid enough, you can adjust the pre-saturation higher and just keep it there (or vice-versa). Personally, I leave my pre-sat at the default (3) 100% of the time.

The “source” should automatically set the correct source based on metadata (for instance, a tiff should automatically come up as “TIFF scan” - I’d generally recommend just leaving this at whatever the source file actually is.

I change between JPG and TIFF depending on what film I scanned and how much touching up some need. So I either go right to JPG or to TIFF to touch up. I just sometimes forget to switch back and forth and then I have to move/sort files around in Lightroom and run them through NLP again. It would just be a nice to have. But I do run a 4K monitor so I do have plenty of screen space… Thanks for responding.


This may have already been posted but it appears LUT feature is not longer taking any effect with v2.3? Natural frontier crystal pakon etc. Clicking these features does nothing to the image? Has anyone else had this issue?

Otherwise the new setup is looking great! much punchier colours.

regarding presat, I frequently find myself unconverting and reconverting with a higher/lower presat, just to change the saturation for aesthetic purposes rather than fix any technical issue.

is changing saturation after conversion at all possible? could this roundtrip be condensed into “shortcut” if not?

No, the emulations work, but the effect is more subtle than before.
Check if the settings are located in Lightroom’s settings folder.
On Mac: Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings/NLP Enhanced Settings/

Hi, my 2.3 suddenly just stopped working with LRC 11.0. Anyone elsew have this?

Hi John,

I’ve started to hear reports of LRC 11.0 causing issues with the users catalog. Can you try creating a new catalog, import and few negatives, and see if Negative Lab Pro works as expected in the fresh catalog?

I’ve also heard some reports of general issues with LRC 11.0 with macOS 12. You may need to manually grant access to LRC as shown here (Changes after upgrading to Mac OS Monterey from Mojave | Lightroom Queen Forums).