Negative Lab Pro v2.3 - Color Fidelity, Tonal Control, Batch Navigation and much more

Hi, my 2.3 suddenly just stopped working with LRC 11.0. Anyone elsew have this?

Hi John,

I’ve started to hear reports of LRC 11.0 causing issues with the users catalog. Can you try creating a new catalog, import and few negatives, and see if Negative Lab Pro works as expected in the fresh catalog?

I’ve also heard some reports of general issues with LRC 11.0 with macOS 12. You may need to manually grant access to LRC as shown here (Changes after upgrading to Mac OS Monterey from Mojave | Lightroom Queen Forums).

Hi, the LUTs should be working great. Here are a few things to check if they don’t work.

  1. In Lightroom Classic, go to “Lightroom > Preferences > Presets.” And make sure that “Store Presets with Catalog” is NOT checked.

  2. If you are using Windows, make sure that you have added the new LUTs to Lightroom Classic. To do this, go to “File > Import Develop Presets and Profiles” and then navigate to wherever you downloaded Negative Lab Pro v2.3. There is a folder called “NLP Enhanced Settings.” You want to add ALL the files within that folder.

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Amazing update of features, however even when pre-sat is set to lowest I’m still getting really super saturated images with the new colour profile. Anything I can do?

Hi Nate, I updated to v2.3 a couple of days back and I’m loving it! However, I’m experiencing problems when I’ve tried to go back and re-convert images I’ve previously done in v2.1 with v2.3. I’m taking my previously converted image, open NLP, hit ‘un-convert’ to restore the negative, hit ‘Apply’, then try to re-convert. When I do that the controls behave weirdly: sometimes NLP defaults to the earlier engine, sometimes controls in the Advanced panel do nothing, sometimes the WB Density options actually work in reverse! And often the colours are kind of wacky when I re-convert. Am I missing something? Is there a step in the process that I’m doing wrong? Please can you help me out because I really want to use v2.3 to fix some older images!

Hi Rob!

Pasting my answers from answer on Facebook…

If you are unconverting/reconverting an image from a previous version of NLP, make sure to check the engine settings in the Advanced Tab and update the engine to v2.3.

WB Density just changes the tonal impact of white balance changes you make in NLP. The amount of impact of changing WB Density options is dependent on the amount of WB correction you have in NLP. For instance, if there are no white balance adjustments made (or very little), you will not see any change from changing the WB Density. Also, the “add density” option behaves like traditional CMY printing process, where adding yellow or magenta will increase the density (i.e. more ink), while adding blue or green is really just the removal of yellow or magenta (less ink). I personally think “add density” produces the best results, but for new users, the “neutral density” will make editing a bit easier.

Dear Nate,
When will the promised e-mail link be available, as I would like to try out the new version.


Yes, there are a few things to try if you want less saturation:

  1. Try the “Linear” tone profiles, like "Linear, Linear + Gamma, or Linear Flat". This have no added contrast, and contrast is a big part of perceived saturation.

  2. If you are working on a TIF negative, make sure you are NOT white-balancing on the film border prior to conversion.

  3. Try using the “Natural” LUT at 150-200%. This will reduce saturation, particularly in blues.

Hi Nate. What an amazing update, it’s almost like a new software. I’ve been using previous versions time to time on a friend’s computer, but this update makes me buy it :slight_smile:
I’m DSLR scanning with a canon R5 and have stunning results, which was very difficult to achieve previously with my clumsy outdated but very capable Nikon 9000ED.
it’s almost like there is no need to edit in LR after since the conversions tools are so good.

Few comments tho:

  • while slider for adjusting highlight shadows and so are very effective, nothing can beat a tone curve adjustment. Hope a futur update will include it.
  • the advanced tab, specially Curve Pts and WB type make so much of a difference that I think it should be added to the main tab somehow.
  • also, while it’s a very nice add-on to have the possibility to save the previous conversion settings, would be amazing to have the options of saving a few, instead of just one.
  • a saturation slider would be great too :slight_smile:

Again, amazing upgrade, I recommend anyone around to give it a try.

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Awesome, @pask, thank you :pray:

Under the hood, these ARE tone curve adjustments. You can watch the tone curves changing in real time in Lightroom’s tone curve panel (you just need to be looking at one of the red/green/blue tone curves, or in the newest versions of Lightroom Classic, you can “right-click” the tone curve area, and select “Show All Curves” and you will see the three color curves simultaneously reacting to your changes)

Yeah, I agree, I just have to be mindful of the height of the tool so that it fits vertically within smaller screens. I did think about including at least the “engine version” dropdown on the main edit tab, so that users would at least be able to see and change this without having to change tabs. May be something I do if there is enough interest.

Working on it for v3.0 :sunglasses:

It won’t be a slider exactly, but better saturation control is also coming in v3.0.

Thanks so much! :pray::pray::pray:


Awesome ! that’s what I call a great support :slight_smile:
Thanks for the curve trick on LR Classic, didn’t know that one.
I know NLP is doing all the work under the hood on curves, but I was more thinking of having a tone curve adjustment inside NLP somewhere to play with before the conversion. Even tho, not everyone uses them, I always found them more specific than any sliders can be.

Keep going Nate, thanks :slight_smile:

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These are welcome improvements specifically the low-exposure banding control.

Thank you

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Thank you, @walker!

My pleasure! :metal:

Hello! :herb:
Thanks a lot for the new version :slightly_smiling_face:
However I didn’t received any email with a link (I bought the licence more than a year ago), do you think you could send me this?

(Btw I’m waiting to see if the new version correct some issues i’ve got, all my scans are looking blue toned even if I crop each time the borders of the image).
Have a great day!
Elise :ear_of_rice:

Hi @Elise

Thanks for you patience! Sometimes the emails get lost in the spam folder (most common) or other deliverability issues.

Any prior email you have with a link to a Negative Lab Pro download will take you to the newest version. Just search your email for “negative lab pro” or for messages from “” and if it has a download link in it, it will take you to the v2.3 download.


Is NLP still being actively developed? 2.3 came out ~8 months ago, no updates since then. I haven’t seen any whispers of what might be coming down the pipeline.

Yes, v2.4 is in beta testing at the moment… just need to wrap a few things up and it will be out. V2.4 will be a free update. The biggest new features it adds is Saturation control after conversion and 2x the speed of conversions. Also has lots of bug fixes.

It’s just taken me awhile since I’ve been developing some of the features for v3.0 in parallel.

Thanks for your patience!



glad to hear, thanks for the update!

saturation control after conversion will be a game changer!! cant wait!

@nate If I buy v2.3.0b now, willl I get a free updrade to v3.0 ?
I am thinking about whether it is worth or not to wait with my purchase until v3.0 has been released?