Omega B600 Enlarger as a DSLR setup

Hey ya’ll, had a question kicking around and wanted to see if anyone had a solution, I got a B600 enlarger for the cheap on Marketplace and I took off the enlarger head to use the riser.

The issue pictured is this gap, I cant think of what I could use to put there so I can attatch my tripod head.

Any ideas?

Several options come to mind…

  1. Attach one half of a hinge with a screw that goes through the round holes of the omega and the tube that you get when you remove the hinge’s pin (use the lower part of the hinge pictured below)
    The screw replaces the pin and is fixed to the left and right extensions
    Use one of the central holes to attach your head and the other for a screw that is long enough so that it can rest on the Omega’s column to also adjust tilt. User washers and nuts as necessary. Reduce play if possible.
  2. Get a piece of wood that fits between the extensions and add the necessary holes and screws
  3. Attach a rail to one of the sides and the head to that rail, head pointing inwards or attach the head to one of the sides directly, head pointing outwards or inwards if there is room.
  4. Have someone do it for you

I’d not use a tripod head but a short rail for fine adjustment of distance. Tripod heads tend to slip…unless they are geared. Here’s what I use. (Bresser)

Hint: I use textile adhesive tape as a layer between things. Tighten screws softly and adjust angles, then tighten screws firmly. Glue will seep through the tape and form a fairly robust connection between the parts. Bit of a mess to clean up though. Retighten the screws as needed.

Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestions!

I’m gonna try the wood block idea first and just fit it in with some nuts/bolts so its more stable.

As for the tripod head I agree and the bellows unit I picked up for my setup has its own rail attached to it so I’ll prob use that in place of the tripod head.