Scans over exposed


I am using the following gear to scan my negs, and no matter what my exposure setting is my scans always seem to be overexposed. Can anyone shed a light to this problem?

  • Led light panel with excess light masked
  • fuji gfx with a macro extension tube and a 35-70 lens (hood on, no filter) on M setting
  • lomo digitaliza film holder

With every shot I am having to dial my shadows all the way down and boost my contrast to get my scan relatively normal. Then I start having color issues due to contrast

Hello @Zungzin, welcome to the forum.

Are your images too bright before or after the conversion?

Using a lens at macro distances requires some exposure compensation which is not necessarily done by the camera’s exposure system. For best results, expose in such a way as to push the camera histogram to the right, to approximately 2/3 of a stop below blowing the highlights (i.e. the film rebate when taking low density negatives). Doing this will compensate exposure as needed.