Thank you, NLP is a dream come true

I’d like to thank you for creating Negative Lab Pro. I bought a scanner to digitize a few thousand family photos and could not find a good workflow. Scanning software is tricky to use and there seemed to be no setting that I could use to mindlessly batch-process a pile of negatives. This would make the project much more time consuming, and so the $1200 scanner sat for 5 years while I tried to find the time to tackle it. I finally picked it up again last fall and discovered NLP, which (1) allows the natural workflow of scanning the negatives “as is” and processing later, and (2) makes most pictures look quite good in just a couple of clicks! I have scanned about 800 photos so far and checked each one in “positive” colour, and not wasted another minute trying to process colour in the scanning app. I don’t think I would have found the courage to do this without NLP, and I am truly grateful for this solution.


Thank you so much @luther_driggers! I love hearing that this is helping you bring back some great memories to life! :raised_hands: