Very light positive images

Hello :blush:

I just purchased NegativeLab Pro and also started not so long ago with analog photography. I use my Nikon D7200 to photograph my negatives (still haven’t gotten a macro lens, so the sharpness of my pictures is not so great).
My bnw pictures get developed perfectly but I have problems with the color pictures.
Does someone know what might I be doing wrong?

This is the positive that I get using the “Frontier” setting:

(I took the picture with the Canon EOS 750 that belonged to my father)
Thank you in advance for the support! :blush:

Try the following

  • crop away everything that is not part of the image (you can un-crop later) before converting
  • alternatively, set border buffer to 25% before converting

If the above trials don’t help, post the original file you’re trying to convert.

Other than that, you might find a few good hints in the GUIDE,
access it through the link at the top of the page.

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I cropped away the edges and the colours look much better!! Thank you! :blush:

You’re welcome. This “trick” can be helpful if you have shots with featureless areas like an overexposed sky. Crop away the overexposed sky to improve overall appearance of the result. Why? NLP can be mislead by extremely bright and dark areas as Nate explained in one of the threads (can’t find it at the moment)