Weird color from Flextight TIFFs

Hey y’all I’ve been trying out NLP for a while and I seem to be getting really weird colors from my color negatives.
I tried Lomography 800(lab-scanned) and Portra 400(scanned by myself) both with Hasselblad Flextight X5 scanners, and the files exhibit a strong orange & teal look which I’m pretty sure isn’t how Portra 400 is supposed to look.
Auto color and the TIFF prep utility didn’t help. The orange & teal color is consistent with the two different X5 scanners so I think it’s not with the hardware or FlexColor software.

…looks fairly natural to me…

Try a series of conversions using different colour models and saturations. I find that NLP will produce different results depending on how I set these things… and the film type and vintage.

Do you have a lab print that meets your expectations? Or an image of a color checker?

Unfortunately I don’t have other Portra 400 scans at hand but I am fairly certain that the blues in the image have a strong cyan tint and isn’t representative of the scene. Now that I’ve taken a second look, other images are noticeably better and maybe it’s just this one.

I think there is a slight cyan tint overall in this image. Try the “autocolor - warming” option, then slight adjustments to strength and hue to see if you improve it.

Also, for the individual blue colors, if you find the hue is still off, you may need to make a positive copy, and then use the HSL tool in Lightroom to dial in just the hue you are looking for.