14bit Tiff Scans

Hello! I’m using my Nikon Coolscan V with Nikon Scan. The scanner is only capable of 14 bit color. So when using Nikon scan I output a tiff at 14bit. I know the NLP Tiff settings are for 16bit RGB. Is this an issue? Should I switch over to Vuescan to use DNG’s instead? Thanks!

Welcome to the forum. Although I don’t use Nikon Scan I think you’ll find that your file is output as a 16-bit Tiff even though your scanner can only scan as 14-bit colour. Think of it as a larger container for your colour data than is actually necessary because if you saved as an 8-bit Tiff you would be throwing away colour data. So, in short, your output Tiff will be fine for NLP.


Thanks Harry! That makes sense, my file is output as a 16bit TIFF, so I’ll stick with my current settings.

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It may be worthwhile adding that one doesn’t get more “native” data out than one put in regardless of the size of the container.

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Thanks, yes, didn’t mean to imply that but worth clarifying.

You are welcome. Was sure you know that, but posted just for the benefit of those who may not quite understand it.