4x5 film holder

I’m looking for recommendations for 4x5 film holders (for camera scanning) other than the Negative Supply one. Thanks.

Check out the Valoi kit

You don’t say if you will also want to be copying smaller formats so need a system that allows for that or if you simply want to copy 5x4. If it’s the latter then there is scope for simply making your own assuming you have the facilities and expertise to do this.

Another possibility is to buy one of the 5x4 holders for Imacon/Hasselblad ‘virtual drum’ scanners made by a specialist in China, he has a good reputation. These sandwich the film between a flexible steel base sheet and a flexible magnetic sheet (as used by signwriters) and you would just need to come up with a supporting structure to hold it above your LED panel. Not especially cheap though because you’re paying for features that you don’t actually need, and I think only advertised on US ebay. I see that there are also some reasonably cheap but quite basic offerings on Etsy.

For the vey best quality you could consider wet mounting using Gamsol on glass with a Mylar cover sheet. A bit on the messy side obviously.

Just focused on scanning 4x5 negs and positives. I’ve considered building my own but curious what’s out there already existing. Currently using a rig that was 3D printed by a guy who sells holders and accessories on Ebay. I think ideally I could find a solution that doesn’t require wet mounting but is sandwiched either with glass or other materials to get better flatness. Do you have a link for the Imacon holder you mentioned?

I haven’t dealt with him myself but he is popular on an Imacon/Hasselblad scanner forum that I belong to. His name is William Lou and he sells on ebay in the US as louw2008, however currently he doesn’t seem to be advertising holders. It seems that a custom holder is $150 or thereabouts. On the other hand you don’t need the metal base to be flexible and there are intricacies about the holder that are only relevant to the scanners. If you knew somewhere that could cut a steel base with the correct aperture to whatever size you require then you could use a similar principle by attaching that magnetic overlay which I think should be readily available, or just a card mask held down by those tiny thin Hiduminium magnets that you can get on ebay.

…if you do an advanced search on ebay.com for that seller and ‘Completed’ you will see holders, amongst them the 4x5 at $90 plus $15 shipping to the US

Check out Pixl-latr and Cassette: 4x5 Film Holder for DSLR Scanning – Cassette Film .

Also: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1652789541/the-lobster-holder-4by5-4x5-large-format?ref=desktop_listing_share_button

I also maintain page for various holders: film4ever.info - I want to hold your film

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