Anyone using Nikon PS-4/PB-4

Hi everyone, first time posting here!
I was wondering if anyone has tried using the Nikon PB-4 bellows and PS-4 film adapter for scanning 135 film.

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Sorry to be slow. Yes, I am using this rig. Works great. Only tricky thing I’ve found is picking the right lens so you can focus at the magnification you want. 55 macro works at 1:1 (with an FX body); won’t focus at 0.67x to capture 35mm on a DX body.

The shiftable slide/negative holder in the PS-4 is really nice for stitching. Five shots at a little over 1x to a DX body stitches to a very big file.

Thanks a lot Richard!
You confirmed what I thought and hoped for. I have the 55/2.8 and I think I will give this a try.