B+W conversion; Tone setting

Hi using NLP 2.3, DSLR scanning Nikon D800, Nikon 60mm macro, Skier Sunray Copy Box. Negatives shot at f/8 with exposure compensation of +1. I am new to this and this is my first roll of film being converted.

I have been using the recommended Tone of Linear-Gamma but notice that the images are very underexposed. Conversions are more appropriately exposed with LAB - Standard. Is there an issue using the LAB -standard Tone setting?

Could this be an indicator that my light meter is underexposing or is this expected? More or less trying to decide if it’s my photo technique or whether I need to change setting or both.

Thanks in advance

Hey – Linear-Gamma with b/w is supposed to emulate the tonal response of printing paper, thus the initial on-screen appearance will be darker (without adjustment).

Try tweaking the appearance with brightness/contrast and white/black clip settings. You may also lift the shadows, if you feel that’s neccessary.

You can of course also start with LAB - Standard. After all it’s your image and should be edited to your liking.