Conversion Settings 1300 DSLR Scans of B&W negs?

Just acquired NLP to convert a large number of DSLR scans of B&W 4x5 negs. The negs vary in both contrast and exposure. Already cropped and converted from color raws to B&W raws in LR. I’m planning on doing this in batch mode…perhaps 100 or so at a time. My question is…in the conversion window, what Tone setting do you recommend (Standard?) and should I zero out the other controls? I will also use the “Make Copy” > TIF Option so that I have normal edit operations in LR. I’ll individually review and fine tune all worthy TIF’s after they are in LR.

If I read you correctly, you plan to convert B&W images mostly.

What I’d to is the following:

  • Create a special collection of files that represent the different exposure and contrast images
  • Create a set of virtual copies - one each for different tone settings.
  • Convert one set of VCs with one tone setting, a second set with an other tone setting etc.
  • Check what settings suit what kind of images

This approach allows to find the suitable settings per technical quality and then batch convert collections of images that have similar technical quality.

Quick and dirty previews

  • Take one set of VCs from your special collection (you made above)
  • Auto tone correct these images in Lr (that’s just one click)
  • Invert the RGB tone curve (just drag the curve’s corners)

left: NLP, right Q&D preview

I often use “Linear + Gamma”. Be sure to set NLP to “B&W” on its first tab before converting.

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