NLP problem conversion and contrast

Here some tests done last week for a client.
We are using last version of NLP.
We noticed two things :


If you want to start with neutral contrast:

  1. Have the “Color Model” set to “Basic” (leaving it at ‘none’ means that it won’t use the Negative Lab Pro profiles - so it will use whatever camera profile you had prior to conversion).
  2. After conversion, have the “Tone Profile” set to one of the “Linear” or “Cinematic” tone profiles. You have it on “Lab - Standard” which will add a fair amount of contrast to replicate the Lab Scanners.
  3. For low contrast scenes (i.e. any scene that doesn’t have any elements close to pure white or pure black in the scene), use the “BlackClip” and “WhiteClip” settings to adjust the tonal range the image. For instance, if you wanted more “breathing room” on both ends, you could set BlackClip to -15 and WhiteClip to -15.
  4. If you want to make this your default (so you don’t have to keep adjusting with each new scan, hit the “save” button to make the seeings the default.

Hope that helps!