NLP making slight changes after batch conversion

So I am scanning (using fuji xt3 and 80mm macro with Negative Supply carrier) a lot of negatives and converting them per roll (or several if it is the same film type). I am very happy with the results but have noticed that sometimes after doing a conversion I will go into NLP to edit individual photos and as soon as I pull up NLP there are slight changes done to the already positive image. Why is this? This also tends to happen when I select multiple photos and open up NLP to make tiff copies (after I have done a few individual edits) - I can see color and brightness shifts from the grid view happening. It seems to me as though NLP re processes these photos.

I have been setting white balance and cropping into the negative, pasting settings to the rest of the batch, converting, then undoing the crop on one image and repasting settings to undo the crop to the rest of the batch.
Could this be why NLP does a re-analysis and makes adjustments since the negative now has a border? Or is it possible that other settings are getting pasted from the conversion to other negatives?
I was under the impression that the border only matters on the initial conversion.

I apologize if this sounds a bit confusing, I too am confused!

Hi, can you make sure that you are using version 2.1.2? This happened in some earlier versions, but should not be happening now. (When you open up Negative Lab Pro, you should see the version number at the top of the plugin window.)

Another possibility is that if you have made changes to the image directly in Lightroom after using NLP (for instance, if you manually adjust the tone curves), NLP will overwrite those manual changes once you re-open it.

Another possibility is that if you originally converted with an earlier version and have since upgraded, there could slight differences in the processing when you open under the newer version.

In any case, you create a positive copy without the need to re-open Negative Lab Pro… just right click the image (or group of images), and go to “export > NLP - Positive Copy”

Hope that helps!

Hey Nate. Thanks for the response. I am using version 2.1.2 and since making this post it has not happened again. It has been a few months since I last used the software so maybe it had something to do with the update.

In regards to making a positive copy, I do not see the NLP option under export. I am running on windows. Could you please elaborate?