NLP 1.0 Conversions/Edits 'BROKEN' after 2.x update

Hi there,

I recently upgraded to NLP 2.0 and all of my old negative conversions & edits get blown-out as soon as I select them for viewing.

Cannot undo, or fix them - only solution is to re-convert an re-edit the photo.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Does this happen as soon as you select them in Lightroom? Or as soon as you re-open them in Negative Lab Pro?

Hi Nate, thank you for the reply.

It sometimes happens by merely selecting a thumbnail in Library mode, and at other times it only happens when the selected photo is taken into Develop mode. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at all.

What happens is that everything becomes extremely over-exposed.

Hmm, weird. Sounds like maybe a camera profile issue?

Version 1.X uses a difference camera profile than version 2.x. You should make sure that both profiles are available to the system - for instance, if for some reason you removed the v1 profiles and only have the newer one, it would cause an issue like you’re experiencing.

On the images where you are experiencing this, check to see what camera profile Lightroom is using… if it is an image converted via version 1.x, then camera profile should say “Negative Lab” - if it is converted via v2.0, it should say “Negative Lab v2.0”… if it says “camera profile missing”, then you are missing the underlying profile it is looking for.

Creator of Negative Lab Pro

I think we’re heading in the right direction.

I’m just a little confused, because the problematic photos do have the ‘Negative Lab’ profile assignment, but there is also a ‘’!’ Profile missing’ warning.

When browsing for profiles (grid view), I see that the NLP profiles are there (v1.0 and 2.0), but the exposures are way off for either. Selecting ‘Embedded’ profile seems to fix the exposure issue, and allows me to edit the photo in NLP as I normally would.

Oddly, the same profiles don’t cause the exposure issue for photos that were converted with NLP, and I can chose either profile, with no noticeable change in exposure.

edit: alternatively, for some black & white photos, the issue can be fixed by selecting ‘Color,’ for Treatment, under Saved Presets, in Library Mode. Other photos become blue, if this method is selected. For Color photos, since the Color mode is already selected, the only way to fix it is to set the profile to Embedded, under Develop mode.

Ah gotcha… what scanner / scanning software are you using?

I’m guessing at some point you much have used Negative Lab Pro to convert the files before there were profiles available for that scanner (so, it was converted while the ‘embedded’ profile was in use because the others weren’t available). And now that there are profiles available for your scanner model, Lightroom is automatically changing the profile away from ‘embedded’ to one of those profiles. This is while you would see the sudden change in brightness.

It should be easy enough to change images which are displaying incorrectly back to “embedded” profile by changing once, and using the sync feature of Lightroom to sync that profile to the other images which are displaying incorrectly.

I would expect though that you will get better final results though if you were to open Negative Lab Pro, unconvert these negatives, and then reconvert while the correct profile is in use…

Ah, that makes sense. Thank you so much for the help, Nate!