Brightness and colors change when opening NLP 3.0.2

I’m on M1 Mac OSX 14.2 using NLP v3.0.2 and Lightroom 13.0.1 and when I open the NLP settings, the image(s) change in brightness and maybe some color too, without me changing any settings. This behaviour has just started. I have done thousands of images, and it has not done this before. Why this?

I’m having the same problem. I’ve noticed that if I “unconvert” and “convert” the images again, they look normal (or close to it, I’m not sure if they’re exactly the same as before). In any case it’s a huge issue if all the work I did in NLP 2.x is lost and has to be redone in 3, or even if I have to take several steps to re-convert the hundreds of images I’ve already processed. @nate please look into this! (Mac M1 Max / OSX 12.6.7 / Lightroom Classic 12.5)

Also important to mention, that I notice the issue randomly popping up in the grid thumbnails of my library - without going into the NLP settings at all. Sometimes I’ll export a jpg of an image that appears normal (apparently an outdated thumbnail) and the exported image is incorrect. The images look very bright and colors are off.

I have exactly the same issue. All my images will turn yellowish after bringing up NLP. All my NLP 2.x works need to be reconverted after upgrading to NLP version 3. However I noticed that if the image has smart preview, it won’t turn yellow at all, but just a little brightness change.

Hi @olnikron, @lewesyru93 and @leighu ,

There could be a few things going on here, but don’t worry, it will be OK!

First, I think @lewesyru93 and @leighu are experiencing the same issue:

In your case, I’m going to guess that your issue is that v2.4.2 was missing the camera profile you needed, and now that v3 has added the correct camera profile, there is a mismatch between the profile available during conversion and the profile being applied now… here is more information about that below from the V3 Issues & Fixes Thread

Ok, but I’m not sure about your original issue, @olnikron

If you see just a subtle change, can you try something for me? Before you open up an image in Negative Lab Pro, make a note of what the “Profile” is showing in the “basic” section of the develop window. It may say something like “Negative Lab v2.3 - Natural.”

OK, now open Negative Lab Pro on the image, and see if this profile name changes? If the profile name changes (and the new profile it shows matches the name of the profile you actually have selected in your settings the Negative Lab Pro “hsl” section), then it means that somehow the profile didn’t get applied by Lightroom as it should have previously… does that make sense?