2.1.7 anomalous behaviour - assistance appreciated

Hello and thanks Nate for breathing new life into colour negs I haven’t looked at in decades!

I have been using NLP 2.1.2 with raw captures (CR2) without issue for hundreds of images, tweaking negs previously converted in NLP as I get more familiar with the plug-in. Being able to go back and revise NLP settings is great.

I have just updated to 2.1.7 and am experiencing some anomalous behaviour. When revisiting images previously converted in 2.1.2, the image changes colour, etc. as soon as I open NLP. This also happens with images newly converted with 2.1.7 – open NLP again and the image changes. It is as if NLP is either not respecting the existing settings or applying additional unwanted adjustments.

Deciding to go back to 2.1.2, I removed 2.1.7 via the Plug-in Manager and added 2.1.2 again (quitting Lightroom between removing and adding – or not – the same things happens). When adding 2.1.2, a dialogue states:

Could not upgrade your catalog for plug-in metadata. The plug-in’s metadata could not be updated because it has been updated to a newer format than this plug-in supports.”

2.1.2 becomes inactive and can’t be used. I would like to use 2.1.2 unless I can do something to prevent 2.1.7 from changing previously converted images. Is it possible to do a ‘clean install’ of 2.1.2 or otherwise get it to function again? Have I overlooked something? Should I not have done this so late in the evening?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated – at the moment I can’t use 2.1.2 and 2.1.7 is not behaving as expected.

Many thanks,


MacOS 10.13.6 • Lightroom Classic 9.2.1

Exact same problem! On Windows 10 and latest Lightroom Classic. Stuart.

As mentioned in the changelog pdf included in the beta download, this will happen to varying degrees. Nothing has gone wrong.

When there is a major change, like the a new curve engine, there isn’t much of a way around that, although I’ve tried to make it as little as possible.

As an example, in v2.1 the color changes are not “underlying” adjustments - so in v2.1 the amount of color correction you need to make will vary depending on your tonal settings (more contrast, for instance, needs higher color correction). So you may have dialed that in to your liking in v2.1 (albeit after a bit of fighting it!), but now when you open the v2.2 beta, the color changes are happening as a fundamental, first layer change. So, it will take a bit of adjustment to get it where you want, but when you do, it will be SOOO much better than before.

If you want to keep your previous edit as a reference, you can make a virtual copy before opening in 2.1.7. If you want to make further adjustments on a previous image, you can “right-click > export > NLP - Positive TIFF Copy” and this will make a positive copy you can further adjust in Lightroom.

Ok, this is not expected behavior.

Did you see this happening on every conversion? Or only in certain circumstances? If I can recreate this, I can find a fix for it.

The custom metadata is updated in v2.2 to support more film formats, so it upgrades your catalog to the new custom metadata definitions. This is a one way upgrade. I don’t believe there is a way I can have LR downgrade it.

BUT… I went ahead and made a 2.1.2 version that has the new metadata definitions, so you can downgrade to this if you want (although I’d strongly encourage just learning how to tweak the edits in v2.2): Dropbox - NegativeLabPro_2.1.2_archive.lrplugin - Simplify your life

Hi Nate, thanks for your patient reply to one who didn’t read to the end of the changelog, it was late and I was looking forward to an even better NLP! I also appreciate the build of 2.1.2 with the new metadata definitions - a very considerate thing to do and kudos for taking the time to do that.

In terms of 2.1.7 and changes to previously converted images when opening NLP again, I will see if there is a particular type of initial adjustment where this happens – it doesn’t seem to be consistent.

Thanks again.

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