2nd Time troubles

I’m encountering a weird problem with NLP. I’m capturing medium format images on my Sony a99 II in such a way that it takes two digital images to fully cover the negative. I then convert both negatives at the same time using Sync Scene, and stitch the resulting images together in Photoshop. The problem is this: The first time I convert the negs, the resulting conversions do not have matching colors. I then bring NLP back up, “UN-convert 2 images” and convert a second time. The second time, the colors match. What is going on here?

I’m using Lightroom Classic 9.3 on Win10 with NLP 2.1.2

Thanks in advance,

p.s. when doing this in the “develop” space of lightroom, I can only see one of the two images. When I correct for the orange mask on one image, does it automatically apply it to the other image prior to conversion, or do I need to do something else to make that happen?

Hi @m1garandusa -

First, make sure you have the same exact exposure settings for both images in your two shot stitch. To do this, you’ll want to be on manual exposure on your camera. If you have it set to auto-expose, there could be small differences between the exposure of the two shots, which would lead to problems later.

When working on a roll, I also recommend white-balancing the first image off the film border, and then copy/pasting those white-balance settings to the right of the roll.

When working with multi-capture stitches, I recommend converting the first and editing how you like, and then selected the second as well and using “sync scene” to bring those settings and metadata over.

Another thing you can try (which is what I do) is use Lightroom’s pano merge feature with the two images while they are still negative, and then just convert the resulting stitched DNG file.


Thanks. I do shoot my negs with the camera on manual, though I think auto-white-balance is on. Could that be causing the problems? If I set the camera to manual WB, is there a temperature I should choose?