Color-sync when stitching

Hello everyone,

this is my first post here. I have been using NLP for a few months now and love it.

I started scanning my 35mm negs by doing close-ups and stitching them together, thereby getting significantly better resolution. I scan the negs in RAW (NEF) with my Nikon D90 and convert the raw-files to jpg-positives with NLP. Afterwards I stitch the jpg-files together with Microsoft Image Composite Editor. I also tried stitching the NEF-files, saving them as TIFFs and converting them in NLP afterwards but did seem to loose some of the dynamic range that way (all images looking darkish and too contrasty).

Most of the time this works flawlessly. But now I ran into the following issue and am counting on your experience and help: With some scenes/shots NLP converts the colors differently from one close-up image to the other. Therefore, the colors are not “in line” with each other and when stitching the images together, there is a clear separation (color-wise) between the different parts. I suspect that the reason for this is a very uneven distribution of main colors throughout the image.

My question is: Is there any (easy) way to “synchronize” the colors in NLP between different images?

Thanks in advance! Best, Marcel

Yep, you are looking for the “sync scene” feature.

Thanks a million, Nate! I should have seen that myself when skimming through the guide… :innocent:

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