Batch editing Plus

I am finding batch conversion very useful though I have several questions or is it request.

  1. I am finding that a very mixed luminance and contrast of of the batch seems to cause a lower quality of output. Thus it would be useful if the images could be scanned and grouped so that they would fall into similar ranges.
  2. In the same vein I don’t know how to individualise the management of each images in a group. The second part of the development where colour and contrast can be controlled does not allow each image to be seen in full size and the adjustments for that image to be modified before moving on to the next. Perhaps there is a capability that I have not learned?
  3. I have tried to complete the batch and then to go back to an individual image to rectify problems but cannot see how to do it.
  4. The colour treatment which is very good moves right away from the saturated images of the old kodachromes. However I find that on just one treatment that cinematic colour treatment is inferior to the standard treatment and possibly caused a uniform colour of a face. I need to learn more about these options and how or when to deploy them
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