Blue Vignetting issue

Hi guys,
New to the product, enjoying it so far. I watched the video and have been trying to follow but getting some weird effects. I tried to attach reference images and screenshots of my process, but new users can only attach one.

My setup is an LED light table, copy stand, Sony a6500, and 7artisans macro lens. My slides have been coming out great, so don’t think it is a setup issue.

Here is an example of what I am seeing. I have tried taking the white balance off the film border as well as the slide mount (I single mounted all my negative many years ago) and gotten the same result each way. I have also tried taking the color balance from somewhere neutral inside the frame. Before I convert I then crop all the way inside the image, being careful not to include any border. I must be doing something wrong


See this thread for things to try from a setup standpoint:

Also, in this particular photo, I would try changing the “BlackClip” point (try -10 or so)… and maybe also starting with the “linear” tone profile… part of what is exacerbating the issue here is that the conversion algorithm has been quite aggressive with the black point and the contrast levels.


Might be wrong, but I think this is uneven lighting, Dark edges in negative -> bright after conversion. Use a radial adjustment to brighten the outer area of negative image, then convert with NLP.

See this thread on FB page:

Thank you guys. I spent a few hours on this trying to isolate the issue. Both b&w negatives and chromes were looking good on the led screen I was using, and the contrast test seemed fine. I shot in complete darkness to avoid stray light, tried different lenses etc. Finally I switched to an old Lightbox that has obvious consistency issues to compare. To my surprise it came out far better than the led table (see left / right image). I have now ordered a Skier Sunray Copy Box. Hopefully that will alleviate all the issues.

Thanks again.