Camera profiles: Canon 90D

I purchased NLP 7 months ago. It’s a really good piece of software.
Nevertheless I didn’t find for now a camera profile for my Canon 90D.
Any chance to get it ? (The EOS M6v2 profile exists, don’t they share the same sensor and other electronics ?)

I have the same problem with my M6ii. Is there any work around for this? Maybe converting files to .DNG?

Hi @Laurent

The 90D profile will be included in v2.2 (coming in a week or so), but in the meantime, you can get it here: Canon EOS 90D:

@Concretespaces - Thanks for letting me know about the missing profile for the M6ii - this should have already been included, but somehow was missing. I’ll be adding it to v2.2. and you can get it here: Canon M6 Mark II:


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Thank you!

The M6II works perfectly now. I seem to get sharper images from that vs the 5DIV because I can use the electronic shutter.

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