EOS R5 Profile in NLP

Hey Nate, first of all thanks for this great piece of software!
I use a Canon EOS R5 to “scan”. Currently there is no profile for it in NLP, unless I am thoroughly mistaken!
Any idea when it will be added to NLP?


I’ll second that request.

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need Nikon z7ii’s also

Waiting for the canon Eos R5 Profile in NLP as well. I guess this a thing of Canon not giving he profiles to LR … any idea about what is happening?

Sorry guys, taking a bit longer to get everything ready for v2.3, but I have made updated profiles for a bunch of new cameras, which you can find here:

Included in the link above:

Sony ILCE-7SM3
Canon EOS R5
Canon EOS R6
Fujifilm X-S10
Fujifilm X-T200
Nikon Z 5
Nikon Z 6 ii
Olympus E-M1 Mark III
Sony ILCE-7C

Many thanks for these profiles Nate!!!

It would be very helpful to have a profile for the Nikon Z7ii. When might this be available. Thanks.