Sony A7R5 - Missing Profile

I started digitizing my latest round of negatives the other day and when I couldn’t get NLP to work (“Profile missing”) I went back to my old camera scans and things still worked. I was able to find the camera profiles deep in my PC’s folder structure and, unsurprisingly, the A7R5 is a newer camera than the latest NLP 2.4.2 version so there’s no compatible profile. I am wondering if I should wait for NLP 3 to be released (prepaid, so quite happy with NLP!) or if one will be released in a minor upgrade. Thanks!


I have a dropbox with newly released camera profiles here:

The A7R5 is there for ya!

Just add it in Lightroom Classic by going to “File > Import Develop Profiles and Presets”


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I tried looking for information on these camera profiles in the guide but didn’t see the section. What are the camera profiles used for, and would they just show in the presets section?

Haha, thanks!

The camera profiles are used to make sure that Lightroom is interpreting the raw files in way that is best for film negatives.

It should all be handled automatically when you load Negative Lab Pro.

The only thing to watch out for is if you see a “profile missing” warning in Lightroom in the profile section after first loading Negative Lab Pro… this means it couldn’t find the correct profile for your camera. In most cases, this happens with new camera models that I haven’t made a profile for yet.