Missing "Profile" in LrC

I’m new to scanning my B&W film with my Canon 5D Mark II–previously used an Epson flatbed scanner for all my film–and I’m a little confused… I have all the camera profiles installed into the correct folder, but in the develop module of LrC the “Profile” doesn’t reveal NLP 2.0. It shows either “Adobe Color” or “Adobe Monochrome”, if I click on Black & White. Shouldn’t it show NLP 2.0? Also, when I click the browse button and twirl open the NLP category I see only 4 profiles: Crystal, Frontier, Natural, Pakon. Shouldn’t I at least see the profile for my specific camera?

Right now, my head is spinning. I really appreciate any help provided to resolve this issue.

Thank you!


Have you tried running Negative Lab Pro, and seeing if it automatically then displays the correct profile?

If you try to find the profile in LrC manually, just be aware that when you click the profile dropdown, you will only see your “favorite” profiles. To see all the profiles available, you need to click the “four squares” icon to the right of the profile dropdown. From there, you would need to go down to “Profiles” subcategory, and you would see the Negative Lab Pro raw profiles in there.

Hi Nate,

Hmm, maybe I just don’t fully understand when exactly the profile appears. Before running NLP, the profile shows “Adobe Color”. During the running of NLP and after conversion, the profile shows as “Negative Lab v2.0 B&W”. Can I assume, then, that NLP is selecting the correct raw profile for my camera?

Thank you.