Sony A7 R II profiles

Hello, until today I have scanned my negatives without checking which profile I had, this evening reading on the forum I understood that you need to have the characteristic one of each camera, I tried to search in the list of various profiles, there are many but no one that matches a camera, not even the Sony one, @nate would it be possible to have it ? Am I doing something wrong? Thank you !

On my Mac, I see the profile(s) for the A7R Mark 2, highlighted in the screenshot below:

The profile should get selected automatically and present itself in Lightroom Classic’s Develop module as highlighted with the green arrow:

If you can’t see the the profile after invoking NLP, something went wrong somehow and then @nate can possibly provide some support.

thanks for the reply, but in which folder are the profiles stored? I’ve tried looking for them and can’t find them.
As you can see from the image I didn’t find them looking in the finder, in Lr I can choose those of version 2.3 but they are not specific to each camera

The current version (2.4.2) of NLP only advertises that a profile has been applied. It does not say in detail which one it is - until you then select the rendering in the second tab of NLP, after the conversion has been made. Then, the profile might read e.g. Negative Lab v2.3 - Frontier.

So I won’t see the Sony wording anywhere anymore? So if I see NPL 2.3 am I calm?

It seems to work that way. Are your conversions (including adjustments) looking okay? If yes, you can relax. If no, attach one of your files, e.g. with dropbox, google drive or a sharing service like wetransfer.

Thanking goodness the photos are fine, probably also because doing only black and white the profiles issue is less problematic, I think…

No problem at all…you can convert B&W by flipping the tone curve from 0/0, 255/255 to 0/255, 255/0.
No need for NLP at all in that case.