Profile missing

Just scanned some film with my Sony A7CII.
purchased and installed NLP
LrC showed profile missing error.
How could I fix this?

Welcome to the forum @rays

A usual approach is to install NLP again (and again…) until the error is gone.
! Restart Lightroom after the installation, or the module will not be recognised.

Assuming that you use a version of Lightroom that is supported by NLP, you should be able to find the profile in the folder where Adobe stores camera profiles. That location depends on whether you’re on Win or Mac.

For the Sony A7CII, I’ve just made this file: Dropbox - Negative Lab - Sony ILCE-7CM2 v2.3.dcp - Simplify your life

You will want to download that, then go to “File > import develop presets and profiles”, and import that file.

You can find other recent camera profile models here:

These will all eventually be included in the main package, but I put no camera models in that dropbox folder in between releases.