Sony A7 IV missing profile issue

Hello, I’m using sony A7 IV with 90mm Sony macro lens. In the most recent version of lightroom classic, NLP profile is missing. What can I do to make the profile available? thx!


This is the file you need:

Download this, and then in Lightroom Classic, go to “file > import develop presets and profiles” to add it. You may need to reconvert previous files that were converted while the profile was missing.


Thank you Nate! Now the profile appears and works. Two discoveries I want to share:

  1. without the dcp profile, the color after conversion is highly saturated but very accurate in most of the scences. The look is like warm filter corrected provia 100f. Very interesting. I used Hologon with center filter so I primarily have to use portra 400 to get usable hand held shutter speed. Without dcp profile, I essentially is like using provia 400x, which is a real bonus.
  2. There’s a glitch with the profile. In lightroom, when you want to change profile by clicking the profile browser, the whole computer will crash. This only happen when you hover mouse over the NLP profiles back and forth for ~10 seconds. I repeated the scenario three times and felt that I should stop crashing the system. My computer information: Windows 11 ver. 10.0.22000; lightroom 11.3.1. CPU AMD 5900x, 64GB RAM. I watched the cpu and ram usage when the system crashes, and noticed no sudden spiking in any category. Hope this piece of information may help in debuging the issue.

What you are seeing isn’t saturation, but the effect of the embedded tone cure in the Adobe standard profiles. The tone curve pushes a lot of brightness into the midtones and highlights of the original. So when it is inverted, you get the perception of depth and richness (similar to a slide film). The downside though is that 1) this isn’t super accurate and 2) the tone curve is being applied before the inversion will cause unpredictable effects on the colors (usually not in the right direction).

If like this sort of rich, deep appearance, it is much better to do this in the Negative Lab Pro editing module.

So first, make sure that if you have images that were converted when the NLP profile wasn’t available, that you unconvert and then reconvert these images. If you just try to change the profile to “Negative Lab v2.3” on an image that was already converted, it is not going to work properly. To unconvert, open up Negative Lab Pro on the image, go to the “convert” tab, and click “unconvert”. Then you should be able to convert with the correct profile.

On the newly converted negative, try the “Linear + Gamma” tone profile in NLP as the base, and then keep pulling down the “brightness” until you get the richness you want. You can also bump up the contrast a bit. You can also try pulling down the “blacks” slider a bit to really dial in that richness.

Hmm, strange. I’m not able to replicate this issue, but I’m on Mac, so may be something specific to Windows. I’m curious if this happens if you change the profile browser view to “list” instead of “grid”?