How to generate a missing profile?

I am in the process of upgrading my DLSR setup from a 5 year old Canon 5D to a higher resolution body. I have tried two:

  • Sony A7r IVa
  • Fuji GFX 100s

And both of them show up with “Missing profile” when I try to use Negative Lab Pro. As I understand it, I have to wait for future NLP updates.

Is there a way to generate profiles for these cameras?

Is there a way to force NLP to use the profile for A7r IV (without “a” prefix) because it’s the same camera?

Thank you.

If I need to correct for lens distortion, I do that first before opening and running NLP. I always correct for white balance and a rough crop before I run NLP for a conversion. I hope that answers your question.

There must be, because Bate makes profiles for NLP…

I while ago, I had a look at NLP 2.2 profiles and used dcpTool from Apple’s App Store to engineer an Adobe Standard profile of one of my cameras to match the NLP profile. It can be done, but it’s not a straightforward thing.

Now, with NLP 2.3, profiles have changed and I’m currently not keen on re-engineering the process.

Attn. @nate: The easiest thing, at least from a user perspective, would be to have a droplet that converts an existing profile, copyright permitting…