Sony a7CR profile missing

Hi Nate, yet another user of a brand new camera, looking for some fresh tasty profiles for ILCE-7CR.

Thanks in advance !

Hi Nate, I downloaded a camera profile for Sony ILCE-7CR that Lightroom Classic (LrC) said was missing from your Dropbox. Restarted LrC, but LrC refused to import it claiming that all items were already imported. What can I do?

It sounds like you successfully imported the profile for your Sony ILCE-7CR… now, when you open Negative Lab Pro on an image, you should see the profile automatically change to “Negative Lab v2.3” and you should see the image appear a bit darker (from the use of the linearized profile).

Can you confirm if this is happening?

Thanks Nate for asking. Eventually after restarting my computer and thus LrC I got exactly the response you described and my everything works perfectly. Thanks, and thanks for providing such a premium product together with excellent support
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